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Daily link Monday, March 15, 2004

Jason Mauss theorizes that weblogs are hurting the magazine in "Blogs: The TechPub content killer."

11:51:48 PM    comment 

Some people tell me "you come across like an egotistical maniac everytime you try to get people to link to you." Personally, I +am+ an egotistical maniac. Or at least I am when my wife Maryam doesn't notice (she says all attention must be paid to her or else there's hell to pay. Heh).

But, I do watch my referer logs like a hawk (my referer log, over on the right side of my blog, shows me who has linked to me and how much traffic they've sent).

Why do I watch that? Cause I find cool bloggers like Trevor Cook. He writes a blog named "Corporate Engagement" and it gives interesting insights to how he'd like corporations to communicate with him (yeah, he's a director of a public relations firm in Sydney). "Being more democratic, more willing to engage with fellow citizens as peers will help corporations do business in a world where consumer, community and employee expectations are changing rapidly. And it will make the world better for all of us." Agreed.

Anyway, keep those links and postcards coming. Oh, one interesting tidbit: I look at the bottom of that list first. Why? Because it shows people who don't have much traffic. Why do I care about that? Cause I want to link to people who aren't well known. The "A list" gets really boring if it doesn't get bigger.

11:45:36 PM    comment 

Chris Pirillo just announced that Lockergnome is being done as XHTML compliant site now. Ahh, blogger pressure. Gets people to change.

11:32:56 PM    comment 

I'm trying to slow down my discussion of future technology. Have you noticed? Anyway, I saw that Yasser Shohoud wrote up a discussion of Indigo's Channels. I was over in building 42 slithering around the hallways when I got the skinny on Indigo. It isn't tied to Longhorn's schedule. The "killer feature" of Indigo is expected to be that it'll let .NET developers build apps that'll talk to, gasp, systems that Microsoft didn't make. Oh, oh. Don't tell me we're gonna interoperate? What will the world come to?

What's the real reason I'm pointing to Yasser's article? Back in my Fawcette days Yasser was one of the speakers we hired for the VBITS and VSLive conference series. He bought us a nice painting from Egypt that hangs in our living room to this day.

That was years ago and I still remember that act of kindness. Thanks Yasser!

11:12:20 PM    comment 

Over on JobsBlog we learn that Microsoft's recruiters do use Google to learn about candidates.

Ahh, now I know how I snuck through the system! I wrote so much that they didn't know where to start. :-)

And my wife wonders why I tell her to start a blog if she wants to get a job.

10:39:19 PM    comment 

Heh, vsabella in IM told me about the Snoop Dogg Shizzolator. You put in a URL (like mine) and it changes the words to be Hip-Hop compliant. Heh. You know Hip Hop artists don't use words like "compliant." At least not unless there's a word or two attached that George Carlin would be able to give you the definition of.

10:30:21 PM    comment 

Chris Burgess saw me talking about OnFolio and told me to check out Cogitum's Co-Citer, which he said doesn't have quite as many features as OnFolio, but is free.

10:21:26 PM    comment 

Carl Franklin and Rory Blyth have done some great "how to program in Visual Basic" videos on Carl's blog. Carl's a master trainer and I like how he teaches. You might too.

10:18:47 PM    comment 

Chris Shipley runs the Demo conference. She also runs a pretty interesting weblog. Today she reviewed OnFolio. Some interesting conversations have been happening in my comment area. I love new software.

10:11:45 PM    comment 

Buzz Bruggeman: Had Martha read Robertís blog, she would be living large instead of thinking about doing time.

9:57:14 PM    comment 

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