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Daily link Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Loren Heiny is reporting that Microsoft is holding a contest for Tablet PC developers. Top prize? $100,000.

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Yesterday I spoke to the first meeting of RSS Neighborhood. Wonderful conversation. Here's the notes from Bill Flitter.

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Dang, put in an honest day's work. I'm digitizing videos and setting up interviews and trying to help the team ship Channel 9. Shipping is hard.

Anyway, here's a feature request for the Outlook team: I want a magic folder.

What would this magic folder to? It'd post to my blog everything I drag into it.

Even though I'm not blogging much, I'm keeping up on my email and my reading. Yes, I still am reading 1400+ blogs every night. Hopefully tomorrow I'll start spewing out a ton of cool stuff that I have stored up like a little squirrel.

But, it would be so much easier if I could just drag all my items to a folder and have them post automatically.

11:42:27 PM    comment 

Sorry for the double post. I was having some trouble with my wireless connection last night and thought it didn't get posted. I deleted the second post, so everything should be back to normal shortly.

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