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Daily link Sunday, March 14, 2004

Eric Meyer is keeping a good weblog at the SXSW conference. Oh, I see XP crashed on one of the screens. Ouch.

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So, what's Onfolio?

First, the screen captures (here's a PNG, same thing as GIF -- that's a screen capture of my browser Window on my Tablet PC -- Onfolio is designed to work with IE only at this point, sorry).

Onfolio is the most useful .NET client app that I've seen so far.

As I surf around I drag things into my list. Then I can right click and do a whole bunch of things. I can create a web page/report for my team (or, for other important people). I can email them around.

But, it lets me stay organized as I go around the Web. It really is like a Favorites list on steroids.

The Onfolio site has a good tour and other marketing aides. I'd be happy to answer questions or give examples.

By the way, one correction: JJ Allaire is behind this. Jeremy is a different person (Jeremy was there which confused me). Sorry about that!).

What would I like to see? A Web service architecture so that as soon as I dropped things into my folder, my teammate's Onfolio's would also show them. If they did that then they'd have something really wild and disruptive.

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Heh. Steve Gillmor, on his eWeek blog, wrote a whole rant about how shocked he is that adoption of RSS is so high at Microsoft (I was shocked it's so low). "Bottom line: it's absurd that Microsoft is counting on a small Denver ISV to reverse engineer a closed-system black box like Outlook just because Outlook remains the strategic center of Office and therefore the desktop."

Steve's only going to be happy when we ship a version of Windows with orange XML icons everywhere. Actually, I like that vision too!

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Remember when I was the Demo conference and said that my favorite demo was one that I couldn't talk about?

Well, now I can!

I've been using this app called "Onfolio" as I surf the Web and graze my RSS feeds.

JJ Allaire (you might remember him, his company created Cold Fusion before selling to Macromedia) is behind this effort.

I'll get a screen capture up shortly and explain a bit more shortly, but Jeremy just released me from my NDA and you can read more in this article by Reuters' Eric Auchard.

6:47:47 PM    comment 

Dan Gillmor demonstrates that not all of his readers are more knowledgeable or smarter than him. I've had a French boss (who married a Chinese woman). And worked for a Japanese company. And have an Iranian wife. What a great country!All the above experiences have been exceedingly good ones.

2:21:27 PM    comment 

Dan Gillmor announced that the SXSW conference team has recinded their bans on cameras and won't stop people from plugging into the wall.

So, why did I take such a harsh stance? Because other conferences I follow were thinking of doing the same thing.

Glad to see that the SXSW conference team was listening.

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Who said advertising doesn't work? Well, it works in strange ways. Here's an example. Apple is running some cool iPod ads on TV. We've talked about those before. But, my wife liked one of the songs. She wondered what it was and who did it. Then she heard it on the radio and the DJ said it was the Black Eyed Peas (song was "Hey Mama"). So, next time she was in a store she bought their album. It was the first we played in the new car.

And, if you think Hip Hop music isn't good, then you probably haven't listened to Black Eyed Peas. Yeah, it has the usual teenage "piss off the parents" lyrics, but this is the first time I can remember listening to Hip Hop that I actually enjoyed the musical talent that I was hearing.

Anyway, this post was all due to an Apple iPod ad.

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Lawyers are often vilified in our society. But, sometimes they do good things. In Chicago there are some school lawyers sticking up for the First Amendment and giving students a good lesson too (see Chicago Sun Times article: Girl's slurs on weblog teach students lesson in free speech).

The way to fight hate speech is by pointing it out. This is a marketplace of ideas. Sometimes the ideas are rotten. That's what a lot of countries, and people don't get. The way to get rid of bad ideas is to point them out. Not ban them.

Awesome lesson and thanks to Brian Desmond, who works in this school district, for pointing to this episode on his own blog.

My wife puts it nicely: "I love this country. You can say what you want." She comes from a place where she didn't have that freedom.

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Microsoft's blogging recruiters: Introducing recruiting to the 21st century. OK, is there any other large company. Heck, any other company at all, that is letting their recruiters post to the web with no prior restraint?

This is great info! I wish these two were blogging back before I had my job interview.

Speaking of which, if anyone sees a good event planning job, let me know. My wife is still looking. Hey, networking is the best way to get a job!

Wouldn't it be interesting if they pointed at the best "begging" on blog sites to get hired by Microsoft? It'd be like "Bill Gates meets the Apprentice." The person who does the best job gets an interview.

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