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Daily link Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Amazon recently turned on a whole bunch of RSS Feeds. Very cool.

7:11:13 PM    comment 

Christopher Allen, Founder, Alacrity Ventures: My Advice to Social Networking Services

This is a MUST READ for anyone who is working on social software.

7:10:12 PM    comment 

Ed Sims, who's a venture capitalist, writes "Forgive me for being obsessed with customers, but after all, without them, how can you have a business. What many companies forget early on is that having a great customer experience can provide real differentiation and can often mean the difference between success and failure in competitive markets. "

Totally agree.

7:03:38 PM    comment 

I just got back from two interesting experiences. The first was Microsoft's TechFest. This is an annual event, for employees only, where researchers and other groups bring out their coolest and most interesting technology.

I saw tons of stuff that would get me fired for talking about it here. So I'll let other people leak about what they saw (some press were getting official tours, but they were being shown specific booths, and I'm not sure what they were, so I'll stay away from commenting). MLive has the first of the official reports.

I'll talk more about the TechFest soon.

The other fun thing today is that I was videotaped inside Microsoft's Studios. Yeah, Microsoft has its own TV studios. Not quite as nice as TechTV's studios, but still pretty good. All the usual lights and high-end videocameras.

Anyway, more on that later this month when our little project gets on the Web.

6:55:57 PM    comment 

Andrew Orlowski, of the Register, reads my blog I guess, cause he linked to me in one of his stories today.

6:38:09 PM    comment 

Adam Kinney did a funny banner for me. Put me in the MSN butterfly suit. Here it is:

6:33:24 PM    comment 

I haven't played with Train Simulator for a while, but the new Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004, as reviewed in PC Magazine, looks interesting.

3:08:52 AM    comment 

Shaykat Chaudhuri is on the Visual Studio team and has a series of useful Visual Studio tips.

3:06:08 AM    comment 

I wonder what Michael Gartenberg saw at Apple. Well, he saw some pretty trees. Apple was built on an Apricot orchard. The ground there is good for growing things. Springtime in Silicon Valley is so wonderful.

2:20:01 AM    comment 

Alan Reiter points to the world's first music video done on a Nokia 3650 cameraphone that's over on Text America.

2:11:06 AM    comment 

Peter and Loren rave about ArtRage, a new Tablet PC app. I agree, it's the coolest Tablet PC thing I've seen. Larry Larsen continues to paint some excellent demos of what ArtRage can do.

Too bad Steve Jobs doesn't work for Microsoft. He made GarageBand seem like musicians were going to revolutionize the PC business. Now, imagine Steve Jobs was showing off this app.

ArtRage should get just as much hype as GarageBand got. If not more.

12:39:58 AM    comment 

Ever want to ask the fairy-tale mirror "mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?"

Well, now, thanks to Google, you can.

For instance, ask Google: Who is the best geek blogger?

Did I ever mention how much I love Google? Heh.

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