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Daily link Friday, March 05, 2004

Omar must be jealous. My email inbox is completely clean. Man, does it feel good! Thanks David Allen for a great two days. You really should start a blog, though.

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Matthew Mastracci: "It's going to be tough for Microsoft to regain the trust that they were trying to build after this one. Same dog, different tricks."

10:35:56 PM    comment 

Richard Tallent's church put WiFi in and he talks about how it's changed the experience of going to church for him. (He sees Tablet PCs getting big in churches, for instance).

10:32:15 PM    comment 

Wired reports that the most read webloggers aren't necessarily the ones with the most original ideas.

There's a good reason for that. A link is a very powerful social gesture. If I link to 50 people, they are very likely to read me, and possibly even link back. So, I'll have 50 readers, while someone who only writes ideas, but doesn't link, will be struggling for readers.

This tendency is why I try to always credit where I found a post.

10:15:24 PM    comment 

Mike Sax reports that the Eolas patent has been invalidated by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. At least temporarily.

10:12:11 PM    comment 

I cry Uncle. Several people have sent me "porn safe for work" link. It's porn, but fully clothed.

10:01:28 PM    comment 

Ian Hanschen is coming to Microsoft. He was on the team that developed Windows Blinds, among other cool apps.

8:33:41 PM    comment 

There are a ton of rumors and allegations flying around the blogosphere about SCO and trying to tie Microsoft in.

A Microsoft exec (Martin Taylor) emailed me last night on this issue.

He categorically told me "Microsoft has no direct or indirect financial relationship with BayStar" and "these allegations are not accurate" and "Microsoft has purchased a license to SCO’s intellectual property, to ensure interoperability and legal indemnification for our customers. The details of this agreement have been widely reported and this is the only financial relationship we have with SCO."

8:02:07 PM    comment 

Today there'll be another show of Carl Franklin's .NET Live (the always funny Rory Blyth is now co-host). You can participate live, or listen later on.

12:44:43 AM    comment 

Microsoft's DevDays was yesterday and there's some DevDays blogs up here.

12:37:39 AM    comment 

Anand says he isn't visiting Orkut much anymore. I've found the same thing to be true with me too. In fact, so far none of the social software have gotten me to stick around.

12:29:51 AM    comment 

BusinessPundit has an interesting thread going on Brand Positioning. As they say, better info than you'll get in a standard MBA course.

12:28:17 AM    comment 

Howell Developments asked themselves: What if there was an standard application a general user could employ to create feeds, as an HTML editor allows anyone to create a web page or web site? The answer is Syndication Studio 2004.

12:22:29 AM    comment 

Yair Alan Griver tells me that David Allen has changed his life too: "Scoble, keep at it."

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12:08:41 AM    comment 

Dave Pollard: Blogging as Conversation, No Echo Here.

Astute chart, er decision tree, of when to blog and when to use other media to communicate online.

12:07:37 AM    comment 

John Engler asks "I don't mean to be rude or too inciting here, and I welcome the introduction of Longhorn, but doesn't Mac OS X's Finder already have the equivalent of WinFS, or at least 'fast find'?" Um, no. Read my interview where I talk about search engine technology, including WinFS.

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