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Daily link Friday, March 12, 2004

Dare Obasanjo has a couple of interesting posts. First, he visits Microsoft Research. Second, he analyzes Microsoft's philosophy to software design and release.

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Ian Hanschen: "Presenting BlogNavigator. The ultimate in RSS experience." Very cool looking. Anyone try this yet? Ian's stuff always looks so cool.

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Cameron Barrett is working for John Kerry consulting on online stuff. Cameron is on a short list of bloggers I've been reading since I got into blogging. Can't wait to see what he does.

11:27:51 PM    comment 

Chris Pirillo reacts to the blogger bashing of Lockergnome's new design.

11:20:26 PM    comment 

Shelley Powers: "I like him (Andrew Orlowski) because he makes fun of us (webloggers). We need to be made fun of because we're very silly and pretentious at times."

Silly and pretentious? Oh, no, not me. I'm not silly at all. Heh.

11:18:55 PM    comment 

How do you know you're a geek? Well, if your definition of getting naked on a Friday night matches Brian Jackson's, you're definitely a geek.

11:10:17 PM    comment 

Brad Abrams points to Josh Williams, who's started a blog about the 64-bit version of .NET. Oh, I agree with Brad, that's awesome.

11:02:27 PM    comment 

Shaan, head geek at Autodesk, links to a video preview of the next version of Autocad. Looking cool.

10:58:00 PM    comment 

Jason Lefkowitz: instant messaging at work.

"Jenny, the Shifted Librarian, reports that only two participants at this year's Computers in Libraries conference raised their hands when asked if they used instant messaging in their work. She calls this the most depressing moment of the conference."

10:52:33 PM    comment 

The Opensourcery sends a message to the IE team: an overview of browsers.

10:49:41 PM    comment 

Lisa Williams has been going through all the notes of ideas that people left on Dave Winer's blog about "the future of blog tools." She's written up this awesome summary. Thanks to Amy Wohl for pointing to this.

10:38:41 PM    comment 

Will someone get Tantek a Tablet PC? (Check out this "geeks waiting for airplanes" photo on Joi Ito's weblog). I thought he was on a Windows team now. Heh. For those who don't know, Tantek is the guy who represents Microsoft on the W3C and his team wrote the rendering engine in IE on the Macintosh.

10:33:48 PM    comment 

Wow, Gretchen, on Microsoft's "technical careers blog" responds to my earlier blog. Is there anyone at Microsoft who doesn't work on Friday nights?

"I know Zoë and I will both try to show our human sides, and Robert, thanks for the great feedback. I will try to quiet the "PR" voices in my head. It's just hard sometimes so help keep me in check."

Alright! You tell me if I get too arrogant too. :-)

10:25:33 PM    comment 

Are you working for a software company? Or, are you a startup? Microsoft is producing the "ISV Show" just for you. Interviewed there is venture capitalist Jeremy Allaire, talking about blogging opportunities (in the "startup" segment).

Hmmm, why doesn't the ISV show have an RSS feed? I really liked this show and want to be warned everytime a new show comes online.

7:24:34 PM    comment 

InternetNews: Thumbs up for Longhorn security lockdown.

What do you think about the approach being talked about here?

5:04:53 PM    comment 

Someone I know and trust told me to be careful cause I've lost my humility and become arrogant and self important. "Is that a Microsoft disease?" he asked.

"Nah, it's a A-list blogger thing," I answered in my head, trying to joke my way out of the criticism. But, seriously, arrogance and self-importance is something I need to guard against. Kick me if I get arrogant again.

On other sides of the coin, I see Pat Helland is blogging. Man, if there's a guy who deserves to be arrogant, it's Pat. The dude gives a good speech (if you ever get a chance to hear him, go, he spoke to an all-staff I was at a month ago and it was great).

I got some pictures of Pat around here somewhere. I'll try to get those on the moblog. Added bonus? Singing with Don Box.

Oh, another big event happened today too. Microsoft's HR department started a blog. One problem: it's way too cautious. Way too PR'ish. Come on, let your human voices show! (The HR person who helped hire me is helping with this effort and she was awesome. Very personable. Very knowledgeable about the industry. Very smart. Engaging. Interesting. I'm looking to see some of those attributes come out on the blog (I shouldn't judge a blog by its first post).

Some things I'd like to see them talk about:

1) What happens to my resume after I send it in in response to a job posting on Microsoft's Careers page?

2) If I screw up on an interview, will I get a second chance with a different team?

3) How can we get an RSS feed of all available jobs at Microsoft?

4) What is the goal of interviews? Take us through the process from the HR department's point of view. What are some of the latest techniques that you're reading about on the Internet that you like or hate?

5) Which weblogger are you most likely to hire, or think about hiring?

6) Do you do searches on job candidates to see what they've written on the Internet?

7) How much negotiation is allowable (or adviseable) from your position during a job interview?

I think this is really a positive thing, though. I imagine a day when every team writes openly and interactively on the Web. A great step forward for corporate transparency.

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