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Daily link Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I'm talking with David Allen and Buzz Bruggeman. David tells me he's gonna start blogging soon.

David's techniques are helping me get more productive. I can't wait to get more tips from him on a regular basis.

4:36:33 PM    comment 

Tim Bray gets hired at Sun Microsystems. Congrats!

I first met Tim at the CNET Live! conference back in the boom times of the Internet (that conference is gone now). Great guy and glad to see he's happy in his new role.

I wish he didn't immediately fall into the Koolaid role (Sun version), though. I guess a lot of people said that about me when I started at Microsoft, though, too (and I've done enough slinging mud in all directions too, so my hands are not clean in this particular rant).

That said, the webloggers who are getting hired at various companies have a real chance to change this industry (there are bloggers now at Sun, at Google, at eBay, at Yahoo, at IBM, and other big companies). Do we do what big companies typically do (and politicians) which is to beat up on each other? Or, do we try to find ways to make technologies better for our customers? After all, my Target Visa card in my wallet has a Java runtime. There are quite a few Macs around here. The head of typography here works on an IBM monitor. Our recruiting department uses Google to vet new employees. My house has a Tivo running Linux. And I have a Tablet PC (hint Tim: ask for the biggest, baddest, hardware you can get now: the newest Toshiba Tablet PC is a sweet deal).

So, we can either call each other names, or we can figure out how to make all these technologies work better together.

Yeah, it's a big dream (I know a lot of people who work here at Microsoft who like the mud fights too: they are fun and do get a lot of attention since journalists love conflict).

Anyway, just a thought. I'm sure that tomorrow we'll be back slinging mud at each other, although I'm pretty sure that won't bring our customers any better technology.

1:36:33 AM    comment 

Lora Heiny, managing editor over on TabletPCPost (a great directory of software for Tablet PC owners) tells us "response from software vendors, hardware manufacturers, and Tablet PC users has been fantastic."

Well deserved attention too. By the way, you can get your software listed over there if you have some Tablet PC software.

1:16:43 AM    comment 

Interesting, on Sunday I was talking with Dave Winer, who's in San Francisco to attend the Wired Rave Awards that were held last night.

He told me that he didn't think he won (last year he did and last year they were far more insistent that he attend than they were this year).

I told him "I think it's Bram Cohen, who did BitTorrent." He answered back "nah, it's Steve Jobs for iTunes." Turns out we were both right.

Congrats to all the winners!

12:44:59 AM    comment 

Andrew Day: "Oh, I can't wait until Scoble rages back on all of us who disagree with him.

His points are: 1) That he's not gonna do an RSS feed (he can't stand the idea that someone would be able to read his words without seeing his pretty design). 2) That his blog is prettier than mine, therefore easier to read. 3) That I need to get a designer and redesign my blog. 4) That I'm a loser.

Well, I might be a loser. But, the only reason I visited him is cause he's in my referer logs. I would have subscribed to him (contrary to popular opinion, I actually do appreciate a well-written contrary opinion, which this is) but because he's anti RSS I won't be back (I don't use favorites, I don't generally read blogs on the Web except for the first time I find a new one, and I generally don't read blogs that force its readers to view with a tiny font like Andrew's site uses (you should see it ona 1600x1200 monitor).

Does that matter if I don't read him anymore? No. The world goes on if I don't read you. Or look at your pretty design more than once. Anyway, there's too many bloggers to read as it is. 1.8 million according to Technorati. Next!

12:12:34 AM    comment 

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