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Daily link Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I'm gonna blog a bit, then turn on someone's new design. I think I'll try a new design every day or two and see what you all like the best.

Steve Rubel is talking Channel 9 up on his blog.

Jerry Michalski, who used to write Esther Dyson's famous PC industry newsletter, tells PR professionals to turn your public relations department into a public relationship department.

Speaking of Channel 9, Don Box is up there giving everyone a tour of the Indigo team. We just made all of our videos downloadable. There's a long thread about whether or not XPSP2 is secure enough. Dan Appleman, co-founder of Apress book publishers, is talking about computer security and teenagers.

Speaking of Dan Appleman, he is now blogging. Which is funny because he wrote a post back in February about why he wouldn't blog.

Tomorrow on Channel 9 the JobsBloggers at Microsoft (the folks who help you get hired) will be on. Gretchen and Zoe. Lots of fun.

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