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Daily link Friday, August 27, 2004

Grrr. I just started up my MSN Messengers to see if anyone else had signed up. Learned that my list had filled up on both. 150 is still the contact list limit. Grrrrrr. MSN, this is just not acceptable. 150 is way too few. I guess I'm gonna have to start up a third account. It really sucks that I can't send a message to the guys I can't accept. I just have to block them.

So, if you don't see my machines online sometime by mid-week next week you'll know you didn't get on my list.

Great conversations, though. When I started up MSN a few minutes ago 20 people started chatting. That was challenging to keep up.

Anyway, don't try to add yourself to my account until I post again.

Alright, one last link before getting a bit of sleep before I have to be up in the morning: Derek Lakin links to Flickr and a new Flickr .NET Library being built by Neil Cowburn and Paul Watson. I gotta play more with Flickr. It's the coolest photo sharing thing out there.

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Yes, I'm addicted to reading RSS. It's 2:33 a.m. and I just got done with looking through my 808 NewsGator feeds (representing about 2000 blogs). OPML file here. Feeds.Scripting list here. Just uploaded a bunch of good stuff to my link blog. I haven't talked about how I do my link blog lately so my newer readers might have missed that.

First, I'm reading all 808 feeds in Outlook. They come into 808 folders. If someone updates their blog, their folder turns bold. I click on the folder. The new items are also bold. I'm reading Techdirt right now and three items just were posted in the past hour or so. So, I read those.

If I like an article, I drag it to a folder named "Blog This." For instance, I just read the Techdirt article titled "Who Do You Trust, The Wiki Or The Reporter?" I think that article belongs on my link blog. So, I drag it to my Blog This folder.

Then a tool named "OutlookMT" takes over. It is a .NET app that watches the Blog This folder, and posts anything dropped in it.

Now, notice that's all I do. Just drag-and-drop. No editing. No commenting. No linking. OutlookMT does it all.

Outlook MT can either repost the entire original post, or it can try to quote a little bit of the post. I used to have it quote the entire post, but people complained that I was stealing their content. So, Kunal Das (the guy who wrote Outlook MT) rewrote his tool to pull only a portion of the original post and put that up there.

Either way, this lets me scour a large number of weblogs and pick the best stuff and put it up on that blog.

I call this my "magic folder." It's totally changed how I blog and lets me share my favorite stuff with you in a very efficient way.

And, with that, I'm out of here. See you on Sunday evening!

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Before I go to bed I had to post a few more links:

1) Glassdog has a compelling rant on "what's wrong with feed readers." Absolutely right on! Lots of ideas there for the second round of feed readers.

2) One of my three brother-in-law's is a bus driver in Wales. He's also getting to be a famous poet. Bard of the buses. Heh! "Wherever I'm driving, anywhere in the city, people will climb aboard and tell me their stories. Sometimes it's about a boyfriend or a girlfriend, or perhaps a bereavement, but I can usually come up with a poem to comfort the person. I'm trying to get him to blog, but he's adverse to computers and watched in bemusement as his brother (the one who works at Apple) and me sat on the couch for hours on end playing with our computers.

3) Markus Eggers, of CoDe Magazine asks "do you think in ink?"

4) CNews (Canada): Tablet PCs are slowly beginning to show up in classrooms, thanks to falling prices and innovative school boards. "It opens a new way of collaboration between our students and teachers," said Jim Forbes, the school's principal, after observing the units in action.

5) Another CEO is blogging. This time Bahar Gidwani, CEO of Index Stock Imagery wants to have a conversation about digital art. Subscribed!

6) Microsoft Research's Kevin Larson has published a paper on the science of word recognition. Translation: how we read. Learn what a bouma is.

7) You know all about the gold medal winners at the Olympics. But who is looking out for the guys who come in last? Jonathan Crowe is and his blog has become a media sensation.

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