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Daily link Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Corey Gouker does an extensive review of the new Portable Media Center.

11:11:54 PM    comment 

Sorry, I couldn't get Divya's design to work, so we're going back to the boring one for today.

10:53:59 AM    comment 

So far I like Raena's design the best. Keep them coming in. I'll keep this one up for a day or two.

Oh, regarding MSN Messenger. I've gotten 75 requests so far on my new account at Feel free to add me and please do say hi! It's funny how some people are suprised I'll actually talk with them.

My old account on MSN Messenger is still getting new people trying to add it and it's totally full, so I can't add more and have to block new ones. Sorry. Come join the fun on the new account. I watch both of them, thanks to having multiple computers.

Well, I have to republish the site and I'll go off to bed. I hear this design isn't working well with Safari. Yeah, that's a problem. Got a lot of browser testing to do once I pick a new design.

One nice thing, though, is that I've moved all my design elements into a CSS style sheet so it's pretty easy to apply a new design.

12:56:00 AM    comment 

Coming shortly is a new design by Divya Manian. Let me know how you like this one. And please support these guest designers. Really great work.

12:38:02 AM    comment 

I'm playing around with the designs. A new design is on its way momentarily. If you haven't realized it, readers here are coming up with new designs for me and I'm trying them out. So far the first two designs have been spectacular. Another one coming shortly. The design might be messy for a while.

12:17:49 AM    comment 

Susan Bradley breaks the news on a new Microsoft Small Business Channel Community that's opening its doors on Wednesday.

12:09:34 AM    comment 

Speaking of Technorati, Dave Sifry, founder, and Tantek Çelik, technologist at Technorati, are on my computer talking to me about Attention.xml, what working with CNN was like, and more on Steve Gillmor's audio show, the Gillmor Gang.

12:08:02 AM    comment 

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