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Daily link Monday, August 23, 2004

What's revogging? It's taking video blogs from one place, changing those around to make a new story. JD links to some examples.

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A customer wrote me today and gave me heck.

He hasn't given me permission to use his name on my blog yet, so I'll keep him anonymous for now. But, he took me to task. Bigtime. For not talking about the customer pain that's going on out there.

Here's a very small section from his email:

I know that home users are only part of the MS customer base, and that maybe they're not the most important part. But there is a horrible crisis out there with your home users. Most people's PC's seem to be sick, and users are incredibly frustrated -- more frustrated than they were during the Windows 3 days when rogue apps would crash your machine all the time, and more frustrated than when most people connected to the net through ISPs that gave them busy signals all the time.

Mea culpa. I haven't covered this issue enough. But, this customer is right. The problem is horrific out there. And we haven't done enough. XPSP2 is definitely a HUGE step in the right direction. I've setup one computer in an unsecure way (not following the 14 rules I put up yesterday, other than loading XPSP2) and started surfing a bunch of at risk sites that I know had spyware on it. I'm getting far less malware kinds of things than before. Is it still possible? Yes. Which is why I recommend surfing to unknown sites with scripting turned off and I recommend being very careful when you use P2P apps like Kazaa (which is where my family has gotten the worst stuff from).

One guy, JD Lasica, who writes the New Media Musing Blog, has written an excellent treatise on how to avoid getting spyware and malware (and how to clean it up if your system is acting strange). If there's any waterfront he doesn't cover, I don't know of it.

By the way, I got called just last night by a family member asking me to help him clean off his system. It's also the number one thing that I get asked in airplanes (how do you clean up a system that's getting pop ups, or worse). The problem is really bad out there.

I know we're also doing customer research to try to figure out why they get this stuff and how to prevent it. More on security later this week on Channel 9, by the way. If there's one issue I'm passionate about it's this one.

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Asa Dolzler, in email, asked me to add a Firefox button to my weblog.

I'd do it if Asa would add a "I recommend installing XPSP2" link to his weblog.

Seriously, great job at getting the word out. If you can convince even your competitors to think about doing something then that's great evangelism.

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Does Dave Barry of the Miami Herald read me?

I sure have been reading him for more than half my life so turnaround would be fair play.

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Dan Gillmor, of San Jose Mercury News, decides to turn off comments. I've seen many others do the same recently because of blog comment spam, speed issues like the ones I'm experiencing, comment stalking like what Dan's experiencing.

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The application testing and migration guide for Windows XP Service Pack 2 is now live.

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On the fifth anniversary of Blogger's debut, the money is flowing. Technorati and Socialtext get funded.


I've put all these up on my link blog too (among other interesting things blogged today), but here's the first links from all the feeds I watch:

Ross Mayfield (founder of Social text)
Rick Klau (works for Ross)
Pierre Omidyar (founder of eBay, one of the VCs behind Social Text)
Olivier Travers (knows everyone)
Mitch Ratcliffe (advisor to Socialtext)
Om Malik (first one to break the news on Technorati and has some details)
Socialtext's official comment.

Interesting, no comments yet from Dave Sifry, Technorati's founder, or Tantek, the guy who's reworking their technology, or Gnome-Girl, who's running Technorati's support department. I bet they are off having one heck of a party. Congrats to all!

Update: Just want to be clear that I don't have first-hand knowledge of the Technorati deal. I just saw Om Malik's blog on the topic where he quotes Steve Jurvetson and I'm taking that at face value. I'll feel more comfortable after I see someone actually involved with Technorati make a statement.

Another update: Dave Sifry has explained why he doesn't want to make a big deal about getting funded.

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