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Saturday, February 02, 2002

A list of five of my favorite weblogs, every time I update the page you'll see a different list in a different order. This is one of the examples in the DIY Web Services tutorial I'm working on.

  1. The Flangy News
  2. davidchess
  3. lawrence's notebook
  4. Backup Brain
  5. kottke.org
11:10:10 AM

Interesting working out the details with Robert on Blogger-to-Radio conversion. Apparently Blogger can not be used to generate an XML version of the content of a site because it does not encode left angle brackets and ampersands. So we're going to take a different tack, instead of generating XML, we're going to do something that kind of looks like XML, but can't be processed by an XML parser. We're going to have to do it with string pattern matching, so are tweaking the format to make that easy to do.

So here's my proposal for Robert for the format for Blogger to generate. It's a sequence of <blogitempost>s each containing two sub-elements, <blogitemwhen> and <blogitemtext>. And let's hope none of the bloggers who want to follow in Robert's steps have this text in their posts.

A sample file.

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