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Thursday, January 31, 2002

John, per our conversation this afternoon, this dialog that just popped up gave me an idea about the relationship between instant messaging and Radio. 6:24:37 PM

This is a test. If it works, the white-on-orange XML button will have an ALT attribute. 4:35:07 PM

This is a test. If it works, the Radio badge will have an ALT attribute. 4:29:30 PM

This is a test. If it works, my spam-free email icon should have an ALT attribute. 4:22:19 PM

Interesting development. The Zaphod mail list just went closed. Hah. Wonder why. Look at the cowards scurrying for cover. There was some data in that list, real names of real people, saying and doing things they probably don't want anyone to know about. Isn't it funny how when their privacy and livelihoods are at stake they don't hesitate to protect it. Cowards. 11:45:59 AM

First thanks for all the emails of support re the Winerlog thing.

I just read most of the posts on their mail list.

I saw my personal phone number published. This certainly is way over the line of criticizing or lampooning a public figure.

I saw one of our Radio 8 beta testers there -- that's the highest form of trust we can show of someone, and it really hurts to see that trust betrayed. (I sent private email to the person involved.)

I saw the webmaster of Heroes & Villains, our most expensive-to-host free site, take cheap shots at my integrity and the professionalism of my company; as we have been working with him privately to transition his site off our servers. 

The things people say and do there hurt me personally and my company, and also our users and developers who are trying to build businesses around our software.

We're serious about protecting our business and privacy. If you're participating in this, understand that there are serious consequences in interfering with our business and we won't stand by and do nothing.

Let's take the discussion off our websites, and move it where it belongs, on the list that was established to discuss the site in question. I've signed up, pending approval by the listmaster. As soon as I get approval I will post a pointer to this page there.

Instead of distracting our community with what has been, up till now, merely an annoyance, let's go there, and ask them if they really want to support what whatever it is that the coward behind Winerlog is doing.

9:38:46 AM

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