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Tuesday, January 29, 2002

A picture named worfthumb.gif After Riker welcomes on board Ensign Mendon, a slightly arrogant Benzite on board as part of Starfleet's new exchange program, he discusses the program with Picard, who thinks an Enterprise officer should participate. When Riker hears there's a Klingon vessel in the area, he volunteers eagerly. As the Enterprise heads to rendezvous with that vessel, the Pagh, Worf discusses Klingon policy with Riker, particularly the idea that the first officer's duty is to assassinate the captain should he become weak.

6:21:33 PM

<%clock.now ()%> 1:02:37 PM

A picture named dan.gifDan Shafer, famous author, scripting guy, now lives in Monterey. 12:19:46 PM

A picture named cutekid.gifHey, that's a cute kid! 9:29:11 AM

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