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Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Frank McPherson gave me this idea. We know what your favorite weblogs are, and we know when they updated. So why not have an easy way to include that in your home page template? That's what this macro does.

Jeff's Weblog 1AM
The Flangy News 1AM
Good Morning Silicon Valley 1AM
Anil Dash 1AM
The BradLands 1AM
Jeff's Radio Weblog Midnight
SlashDot.Org Midnight
onfocus Midnight
Disturbing Search Requests Midnight
Yourish.com 10PM
xml.com 10PM
Archipelago 10PM
The AppleSurf Reader 10PM
The Doc Searls Weblog 9PM
evhead 8PM
caterina.net 8PM
MetaFilter 8PM
Scripting News 7PM
MacInTouch 7PM
weblog.masukomi.org 7PM
YudelLine 6PM
Craig's BookNotes 6PM
wiredfool 6PM
Truer Words 5PM
Powazek Productions: Personal Log 5PM
mac.scripting.com 5PM
Henso.com 5PM
Backup Brain 5PM
have browser, will travel 4PM
Andre Durand 3PM
CamWorld 3PM
BaristaLog 2PM
John Robb's Radio Weblog 1PM
diveintomark 1PM
Forever The Optimist Noon
Tomalak's Realm Noon
More Like This WebLog Noon
inessential.com 11AM
rc3.org Daily 11AM
markpasc.blog 10AM
Simon Fell 10AM
Bump 10AM
Dave's Picks 10AM
kottke.org 9AM
Jeffrey Zeldman Presents 9AM
Dan Gillmor 7AM
We're Hosed 4AM
JY's weblog 3AM
7:36:43 PM

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