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 lundi 18 mars 2002

Dave is a crack dealer: "Whoa. I did not realize that RCS was priced at $0. Whoa. I expected anywhere from $150 to $500. I feel like I'm saving a ton of money!" This is interesting. What you've just been reading is the result of a "Door in the face" technique. It works. You can know more about it here or search for Cialdini on Google.

Announce: "Mandrake Linux 8.2 is currently available for x86 processors, and will soon also be available for the PPC platform".

Mandrake 8.2 Available

O'Reillynet: Find: Part Two

Amis francophones : Radio Community Server en français.

Believe it or not, Olivier went to the same high school as me. Believe it or not, it was a "military" managed high school.

Vikas Kamat Indian weblog

Userland has finaly announced the availability of RCS, the Radio Community Server. Eh the price is.... huh no price, it's free. I was surprised to see this, but eh, it's just the begining of Radio, let's not courir 2 lièvres à la fois (ouahh elle est belle celle-là!), and focus on Radio sells. I have a French translation of the RCS page waiting to show. Waiting for approval from Dave.

French president shows his Net savvy

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