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 mercredi 27 mars 2002

The problem with charging for content: "The ones that do stand a chance are the ones that are significantly, obviously different. And most of them are small, online-only publications run for the love of it. Email newsletters like NTK and mbites, both of which report news, in their unique ways, but do it so differently to everyone else that they earn the trust of their readers. They are examples of online services that could impose a fee on readers and make it work. Web sites that are just like other web sites aren't different enough to for anyone to care."

Libé: Princesses du pouce

Remote Post not working in Radio 8? I had the same problem today. Someone have any clue? (Eh don't be afraid of bugs! Radio si great, and remaining bugs are fixed on a daily basis, and, much better, you get fixes everyday automaticaly by the Internet)

Great Radio Userland Pictures contest I'm launching one stupid contest today. Show pictures of Radio running in special places. Mine is there: Radio Userland going at 300 km/h (186 mph) in the French TGV train. It was in late 2001, from Nantes to Paris, going to my parents home for Christmas.

Beach Boys This is a "Post to Weblog" from an outline test

Eh! Double bull's-eye! I went on and I got 2 ad pop-ups, one for x10, and one for CasinoOnNet. (!)

Bioinformatics and the Mac

POE is a framework for creating multitasking programs in Perl. No, no, don't run away, it looks very interesting. If you want to build Desktop Websites in Perl, looks like it can help. If you want to build a house, it won't help of course.

Radio UserLand Resource Directory

Le moral est au beau fixe chez les patrons allemands

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