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Saturday, February 16, 2002

Updated the location where the rFrame macro is stored.  You can get the updates here:.  Sorry about the confusion.  Please keep the feedback coming.  9:32:42 PM   comments ()  

Bypass the install process for the webLogUpdates service by downloading and installing this macro: . Use this macro to access the webLogUpdates service on one of the xlogs.net servers to try it out rather than installing it locally.  Of course, installing it locally is always a good idea to increase performance.  6:22:54 PM   comments ()  

I have updated the real-time data receiver demonstration so that it will work regardless of whether you have the files installed locally or not.  If you want to run this locally, please download the file and install them.  3:00:24 PM   comments ()  

I just added a full-page screenshot of my editing environment to demonstrate a use of the the webLogUpdates web service.  1:15:35 PM   comments ()  

Being able to have timely data available to you in your browser is quite a mind blowing concept.  I have always liked the concept of having a control panel in my browser that provides real controls over things, even if it is just displaying data.  A lot people miss the point and the power of the web technology.  "How can something in a web browser contorl my business?", people ask.  Let me show you.  1:03:46 PM   comments ()  

Are you ready to turn your browser into a real-time data receiver?  Have a look at this demonstration I have put together.  You must be running IE and Radio running in order to view it and go through some set up steps.  It is rought right now.  I will work on smoothing out the demo so there are so many steps over the next couple of days.  12:12:56 PM   comments ()  

I've been working on some pretty cool stuf the past day that I am about ready to publish.  Are you ready to free the data?  11:14:38 AM   comments ()  

Let's see if I can get myself listed in the 10 most recently updated weblogs from Weblogs.com.  1:06:40 AM   comments ()  

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