Saturday, February 9, 2002

Thanks to Dave Winer at Scripting News for the link to my Radio UserLand Resource Directory. It got a lot of traffic yesterday - thanks again! Also, thanks to those that submitted links yesterday. I have included all of them in today's updates. Feel free to suggest links via the "add a link" link on each directory page. Also, over time I would like to add to some of the descriptions of directory items. Feel free to suggest text there as well.

I am going to experiment with ways to let people know what has been updated in the directory. To start, I will post the sections and new items here on the weblog, but without links. You can go to the main directory and get to the links there. Hopefully, this will save me some typing. Let me know what you think about this way of presenting updates (my contact info is here).

Applications that work with Radio UserLand/RSS/XML-RPC/Manila

radioclient is a PythonCard application for interacting with a Radio Userland 8 server via the Blogger API (XML-RPC). Actually, it can talk to any server that supports the blogger API, but the initial focus was on Radio 8

Manila Envelope 1.0.1 (added the link)

New features shipped since Radio 8.0 release

New app release: 8.0.4 -- SCNS

Reviews/Testimonials for Radio UserLand

Jon Udell BYTE article on Radio


UserLand Software's Sample Scripts - 1997 site old but good, simple scripts, easy to read, easy to try (many scripts are Mac only)


Garret Vreeland theme site


Adding links to the left side of your Radio site

Tracking hits and referers for your Radio site

Tool lists and reviews

Advanced Referer Tracking by Garth Kidd

Throat voice weblogging tool (requires Python and other apps to work)

Print Outline Tool - Easy rendering of OPML files and scripts

Web Services

Greg Smith Radio 8 community Manila server with ability to test 7 web services

Adam Curry calendar service (scroll down to "calendar system" link)

Chris Double web service for New Zealand horse races

A WDSL Client for Radio by Simon Fell

Axis/Radio interop, actual and potential
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