Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Thanks to Scripting News, Blivet, View from the Heart, and Deadly Bloody Serious for links to this site. I appreciate it.

Today's updates to the Radio UserLand Resource Directory:

Applications that work with Radio UserLand/RSS/XML-RPC/Manila

Radio Services.app by Bill Bumgarner - Mac OS X application to allow posting to Radio UserLand from any OS X application that has Services.


drawLeftLinks Macro - provides a list of links other than/in addition to those provided by the built-in nav macro.

Resource sites

Syndic8.com - User-driven site with a list of nearly 4000 RSS feeds. Each feed is fetched, verified, and logged 4 times a day.

Reviews/Testimonials for Radio UserLand

Bill Bumgarner on the Radio development environment


Script by Garth Kidd for forcing an immediate News Aggregator scan


Features of About Radio UserLand window

Tool lists and reviews

Asset Manager by David Davies (updated 2/11/2002 to v0.92)
6:06:50 AM    

Today's updates to the Radio UserLand Resource Directory.

Applications that work with Radio UserLand/RSS/XML-RPC/Manila

BlogApp v1.0 - allows users to easily post to their weblog (Mac OS X 10.1.2 only). Bill Bumgarner tries it with Radio UserLand.

Getting started with Radio UserLand

Dave Winer/UserLand answers some non-technical questions about Radio UserLand. John Robb expands on some of the answers.

New features shipped since Radio 8.0 release

Simple Cross-Network Scripting (SCNS) driver for SOAP 1.1


Script by Paul Victor Novarese to create a HTML page with a monthly archive of Radio weblog posts (other notes here).


How to import posts from Blogger and Movable Type

Discussion on how to change the default text editor that Radio can use (seems to focus on Macintosh only)

Tool lists and reviews

Story Types tool by Todd Breiholz - allows you to assign your stories different types and then have certain data about each type displayed in a custom template on the story pages.

Friends tool by Mark Paschal publishes select feeds scraped for your Radio News Aggregator to a "Friends" page, similar to LiveJournal users'.

Web Services

Integrating Radio with .NET Remoting - gives an example how to make Radio work with .Net
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