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  Thursday, April 25, 2002

They don't get it, or do they.....

My friend Ernie the Attorney just blogged about a little town that installed or is going to install WiFi access for the town, and Verizon bitched about the fact that the town had done so. His take upon reflecting upon Virginia legislation that barred small towns from providing Internet access was that we had gotten used to laws that don't make sense. I could agree more strongly

This type of maddness reminded me of when I had sought to get a DSL line from BellSouth. I waited patiently for the day when the service, a term which I use loosely, was to be available. On the appointed day the installer showed up, and begin to install the DSL lines. Two weeks later, and 19 separate visits later, and only after I called the office of the Florida President of BellSouth did someone admit that they didn't know what they were doing.

My phone was out for 4 days, and there were endless other outages, and unbelievable follow on problems too numerous to mention. But my plans for the first day of the revolution were only begining to ferment when one of the totally incompetent installers said that if I didn't like it, I should deal with another phone company..... the punch line being, there isn't one.

My take at the end of the day was that they, i.e. BellSouth, simply didn't care, because they knew that I had no choices at the time.

Along came RoadRunner, and I have never looked back. If RoadRunner offered local phone services, or there was some simple way to do VOIP, I would kiss BellSouth good bye and never look back.

When I look around and see lots of competition, I see products that either get better or die. Too bad the BellSouths and Verizons of this world don't have that kind of realistic pressure.

But they either don't get it, or don't care....

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