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  Thursday, May 23, 2002

Off the bench and into the game….


Everyday, I find myself reading a dozen blogs. I am reminded of once telling a guy to get off the bench and get into the game of life.


Smartass comment, for someone who has become a passive participant in the one of the truly great aspects of the Internet revolution.


A couple of months ago, I was busily working, doing the lawyering day job, mixing it in with pitching ActiveWords to anyone who would listen, and trying to figure out how to make a business out of the great product that our has built.


I knew from reading their blogs that both Doc and Dan were going to be at PC Forum. I was seriously in to geek envy. Both Doc and Dan were blogging the event. They were talking about a guy named Joe Nacchio and a company named Qwest.


I drew a blank on both. In a second I was at Yahoo Finance, figured out who JN was, then what Qwest was. Yahoo Finance has this great page wherein it tells about how much stock the insider’s trade. In the tech business, it is mostly sell, and mostly sell on the way down. So much for creating investor confidence!


I kept checking the guys’ blogs, only to note that the ‘whine” factor from Nacchio had been turned up about 8 “Nacchs”, and here I was reading where he had sold about $337 million of Qwest stock while it sunk like a stone.


I sent the info to Dan and Doc who blogged it, i.e. , and my little adventure into research became part of the functional equivalent of an “Urban Internet Legend”.


Dan has suggested that his readers know more than he does!



Doc says we are all stringers for each other! I agree!


Dave suggests that..."so many new ways of flowing ideas become possible when the audience members have voices."


In her book, “Death of Distance”, Frances Caircross writes about how technology by eliminating distance changes everything.


In October, I am going to be at PopTech. Scoble is going to blog it, and at the speed things are changing, there may be 490 people there, and hopefully 490 more bloggers, so that the the speakers better playing their “A” game, because this staggeringly powerful collaborative tool is either going to showcase them at their best or at their worst!


I am not sure what that will all mean at the end of the day, but I think it has  the makings of being a new form of dynamite!


Perhaps then we will all be thinking about getting off the bench, and into this new game of life.

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