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  Saturday, May 25, 2002

The Flixs....

Scoble and I were chatting tonight about movies. He's become a big fan of NetFlixs. I probably should, as I am sick of going to the theater and seeing bad movies, with numbingly over priced popcorn and drinks.

That said, I watched Will Smith in Enemy of the People, not if I only had a Replay. I read earlier today in the N.Y. Times that the TV industry is bitching about the fact that PVRs like Tivo and Replay were tools of the anti-Christ as they allowed you to by pass commercials and also to time shift so that you didn't really have to watch in prime time when the advertisers for which the advertisers were paying top dollar.

The Times quoted someone from the industry, who said that if we all bought PVRs, then everyone would end up paying.

It's funny, I thought that's what we were doing now, but back to tonight's movie, I don't think I can recall what network it was on. So much for that branding event.

Then I went to see "Insomnia"....

11:19:34 PM    

The Practice....

The other day while having coffee with the brain trust, I was asked if I had watched "The Practice" finale on Sunday night.

I replied that while my lawyering career had been pretty interesting, I thought that I had had maybe 10-15 cases worthy of a good scripts, and that is the result of 30 years of work. My friends were amazed! While I am sure that they thought things were a little different and expected that there was some relationship between a TV program and reality, I did my best to puncture their thought balloons.

Reality is much stranger.

11:18:11 PM    

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