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  Monday, May 27, 2002

About a year ago, I begin reading Peter Rukavina’s blog


Then one day I picked up the phone and called him and pitched him about ActiveWords. He couldn’t believed that someone from Florida would call him, but as I read his stuff, I realized that he was one very smart and funny guy, who seemed to be living an interesting life in an a pretty intriguing place. (Ideas very high on my list of priorities)


I invited Peter to come to PopTech, which he did and we had a great time, i.e. Peter and Scoble and yours truly. I have been sending out e-mail to all the smart people that I have encountered inviting them to come to PopTech this fall, and earlier today Peter wrote me a note suggesting:


An idea for Pop!Tech.  The technology exceeds my technical grasp by several orders of magnitude, but it would be cool.


The mission is to, in the spirit of making invisible "artificial worlds" visible, come up with a mechanism to suddenly make the WiFi traffic in the Camden Opera House visible to those around.


My technically oriented friends think this might be possible with some sort of combination of radio wave detectors to triangulate the position of WiFi cards (which, after all, are radio transmitters), and then use low-intensity "laser light show"-like lasers to "draw" a connection between any laptop and the known location of the base station. 


You dim the lights, flip the switch, and, blamo!, the theatre gets flooded with a latticework that reveals the otherwise secret world of WiFi.


    There has got to be someone out there who knows how to get this done, please let me know as I will see if we can’t get it done.


    It would be another example of the “Death of Distance” and the resulting impact in a funny way of “Metcalfe’s Law”.

    Then if you come to PopTech, not only will you get to hang out with great people, eat lobster, see a beautiful part of the world, but you will get to see a light show wherein ideas are magically traveling on beams of light!



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