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Tuesday, July 16, 2002

I doubt if anyone will ever read this, but you (fictional people) may still have some questions about this whole "reboot" thing. In the past I have deliberately kept the bulk of my personal interests off of the web. Every time I was about to share, I thought of those numbskulls who would surely use it as ammunition against me. You may think me paranoid, but these people are obsessed. I have never understood why. If I had such an intense disdain for someone, I would delete their bookmark and never visit their site again. Out of site, out of mind... [I'm not an idiot, that spelling was intentional.] These folks, however, continue to antagonize and harrass with no signs of losing interest. If I cancel their account, they weasel in under another guise and start the cycle over again. They have twisted the net into their own personal outlet for being a jackass.

I often wonder if they are like this in normalspace. With no repercussions and complete anonymity they are free to pick, prod, and poke with no fear. It's a bit like road rage. We don't really see the people, but rather the faceless car and how it has "wronged" us. We feel free to yell and gesture without any consequence (unless you live in LA or Miami, then a gun might be waved or shot in your general direction). Netrage, however, is far worse. The guy on the other end actually hears you and can yell back. In my experience, most road rage incidents could probably be resolved amicably if you could hear each other. "Damn, you cut me off, you bastard!" "Oh, sorry, I was thinking about my ex-girlfriend and wasn't paying attention" "No prob, yeah, women will mess with your head." "Have a nice day!" No more rage. It's far more egregious when there's no window between you and the other guy, communication flows freely in both directions, and he still insists on being an asshole. Another pro to road rage is the virtual impossibility that you will ever see that maniac pumping his fist in the air and cussing you out again. So you see, this site is my effort to drive away from the maniac.

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