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Wednesday, July 17, 2002

By day I program... Scientific applications... I always wanted to work in the field of astronomy, and these days that's exactly what I'm doing. I had my major picked out while I was still in high school, and never deviated. I'm happy with what I do for a living, but sometimes I get the bug to do something creative: writing, iMovies, music, etc. Programming IS an art. The thrill of finding the path less travelled, discovering an elegant angle to solving a problem, is a great feeling. Although exciting and something I will always enjoy, it does not satisfy all my creative desires. Many want to write the Great American Novel, now Apple has given us the technology to direct the Great American Movie or at least the Great American Short, and, hell, I would be ecstatic to learn more than a dozen chords on my acoustic guitar, let alone write a song. I'm trying to focus on writing for the moment.

In college they try to make you a well-rounded individual by forcing you to take things like history and art when you are being confounded by things like orbital mechanics and quantum physics. Somehow those seemed so uncomplicated and unimportant in comparison. Rather than ticking off them off as requirements, I wish I had put forth a bit more effort to actually enjoy them for their own sake. I think I was put off initially by my Comparative Lit class which was presided over by a high-heel-booted, horn-rimmed science-hater. God forbid if you actually believed science led to objective truth. I was docked for not participating, and then when I did, I was docked for my opinion. Later in Comprehensive Writing the reputation of the English department was saved by a handkerchief-headed, sweet-voiced girl-next-door Prof. She was receptive to my writing and was in general quite complimentary. One day after class, she asked my major and when I told her it was Astrophysics, she stood their stunned for a beat. In my mind, I thought I broke her stereotype of a science geek, by actually being able to write, but I'll never know why she reacted that way. At the end of the semester, she half-jokingly recommended that I give up Physics and take up writing. I wonder what would have happened if I had taken her seriously.
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