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Tuesday, July 23, 2002

I'd like to see one of those USA Today charts on the percentage of people who sing in the car. I have a half-hour commute to work every day, and singing in the car is the only thing that keeps me sane. Some mornings when the traffic stacks up, nothing's moving, and everyone around me is pounding the steering wheel in frustration, I'm going hoarse belting out Zep and old Foreigner tunes. Classic rock is like Prosac for road rage. This evening I was driving home. My old high school GNR tape had suffered some heat damage and my cassette player kept choking on it. I threw it into the backseat in disgust and began surfing the stations. I found a familiar tune (The Clash's Should I Stay Or Should I Go) and, as usual, sang along (except for the Spanish parts). A blonde girl in a blue convertible passed me on my left. In my peripheral vision I saw her lips move and did a bit of a double take. It seemed to be in time with the music I was hearing, but I'm generally skeptical about such coincidences. For example, I never bought into the Pink Floyd/Wizard of Oz connection. I think the nature of our minds force us to make sense of disorder. Patterns in clouds, constellations, the "Face on Mars." You name it. Being a scientist at heart, I sped up to prove my hypothesis. I looked over and suddenly I was in a cheesy music video. Her lips were in sync with the radio, my car keeping pace with hers. Unlike the music videos, however, the girl immediately took me for a stalker, and stomped the accelerator.
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