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Sunday, June 16, 2002

Jesus: A Historical Reconstruction

Though it's been on the web since 1997, I haven't seen this site before, but now Robotwisdom points it out. Bernard D. Muller provides a beautifully presented picture of the historical Jesus. His methodology is "by inquiring about contextual facts, scrutinizing primary sources, getting free from past indoctrinations and, above all, doing a lot of thinking. Never interested in debatable views, learned opinions, dazzling rhetoric, slick verbose, lofty intellectualism or ill-validated theories, I strived to discover the bottom of things, the facts and the bare truth, as naive as it may sound." It's not naive, and he brings to the table, mostly, a lot of common sense. It's a deep site, with a lot to think about and ponder over. Highly recommended for anyone wondering about this guy Jesus.
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Rudy Rucker's Spaceland Notes

Via Boing Boing, here are Rudy Rucker's notes from his newest novel, Spaceland, a re-imagining of the classc Flatland. I have a copy of the book on order from Alibris, but it hasn't arrived yet. I'm looking forward to it. His novels are usually mind-blowers. I haven't read these notes, I'll probably do so in concert with my reading of the novel.
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It's Bloomsday, teh anniversary of Leopold Bloom's legendary day wandering in Dublin. The day James Joyce met Nora Barnacle. Craig's Booknotes has a nice page of links at Two years from now is the hundredth anniversary of the day.
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Masked & Anonymous

The news about the new Bob Dylan film, going into production this week, is stranger and stranger. This latest from Yahoo News:

Described as a fablelike musical drama, Masked and Anonymous is set in a nameless country wracked by an endless and senseless civil war in which everyone has forgotten what they are fighting about.

Dylan plays Jack Fate, a washed-up singer wrestling with his personal demons on the eve of his final benefit concert, a massive event intended to revive his career and bring peace. Pic will feature 40 minutes of music from Dylan, including new songs written for the film.

The cast now includes Jeff Bridges, Jessica Lange, Penelope Cruz, Luke Wilson, Val Kilmer, Mickey Rourke, John Goodman, and Angela Basset. What a group! Further, apparently they're having auditions to play a young version of the Bob Dylan character.

Well, we can hope it will be better than some of Bob's other excursions into film.

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