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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Cheney Owns Up to Profanity Incident and Says He 'Felt Better Afterwards'. Vice President Dick Cheney admitted that he "probably" cursed at a senior Democratic senator this week and said he did not regret it. By Richard W. Stevenson. [New York Times: Politics]

And, as the old saying goes, "If it feels good, do it!"

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Hitler Reappears in '04 Campaign, This Time in Bush Ad. WASHINGTON, June 25 - Suddenly, Adolf Hitler has become a bit player in the 2004 presidential campaign. By David E. Sanger. [New York Times: Politics]

What's really stomach turning is that the Bush site sais, "We agree, we're disgusted." I'm really looking forward to seeing the Wall Street Journal and others, who were so upset by the reference to Hitler on MoveOn's site, rail against this use of Nazis in American politics. Especially since the MoveOn ad was not an official campaign ad, but was an entry in a contest, and was removed right away. Instead, the righties are probably going to justify this somehow; it's OK if the Republicans do it, after all. Or, since Michael Moore is a big hit, whatever the Republicans do is OK. It's a sign of how desparate these guys really are. They've spent $85 million trying to destory Kerry so far, and it hasn't worked, so now the puke machine goes to work.

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