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daily link  Tuesday, October 13, 1998

Kate and I took part in a large event this morning called Hands on Atlanta . Thousands of people come out and perform community service at a variety of charitable locations all over Atlanta. We planted a variety of plants in front of Atlanta's city hall and then took part in a rehab of a local YWCA. Good stuff.

It's October now, and I am rapidly approaching my 30th birthday(the 16th). I'm not sure how I really feel about it. Definitely a milestone, but how much does it really mean? I think I have already made the more meaningful transition into adulthood and am now pursuing the goals of my life.

I installed the final version of the new MacOS 8.5 last night. It's much faster, and so far no problems.

I also picked up a copy of GT Interactive's Unreal for the Macintosh and some additional RAM. I'll write about Unreal after I have played some.

I also purchased SoftWindows 98 which will give me a 32 bit Windows compatibility environment to use at home. I'll make some notes about the experience once I am done installing and kicking the tires.

I still haven't taken the time to build a snapshot of my vacation. I'll try later today.

I am going to install LinuxPPC on the extra Power Macintosh I have here this week. I need more experience with UNIX badly.

An interesting article contrasting the way Bill Clinton's testimony was treated in perspective with Bill Gates' anti-trust testimony. It should be released is my feeling.

Netscape released Communicator and Navigator 4.07 this morning.  12:00:00 AM  permalink  discuss []  

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