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daily link  Sunday, November 1, 1998

I'm humming along through this Halloween weekend. I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Halloween celebration. These weekends can never seem to be long enough. I am constantly frustrated by a lack of time to work on the things I want to.

Yesterday, I went to the third round of the PGA Championship. While I am not the biggest golf fan(the tickets were free). It was amazing to see what these guys can do. I got to see Tiger Woods, Vigay Singh, Davis Love III, and most of the others shoot.

I'm working today on a re-design of a site for work. Hopefully, I can turn out something respectable in about a week. Of all of the facets of Web development, I really need to work on my graphic design the most.

Playing with the recently updated FTP client Transit from Panic Software . It seems to have decent scripting support. Suprisingly, their Web pages don't seem to mention this.

I have developed a strong interest in character animation. This is in part due to my visit to the Disney Institute two weekends ago. It also has to do with my addiction to video games.

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