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daily link  Wednesday, November 4, 1998

Here's an article in the San Jose Mercury News that describes Intel's "Concept PC." They are getting rid of ISA and adding USB and Firewire support while creating something that looks stylish, not boxy. Sounds a real lot like Apple's iMac with Firewire support added.

I'm going to get my eyes checked out this afternoon...

The "Smart Card" test that Citibank was doing in Manhattan is being closed down. Here's the New York Times story . Their failure was thinking they could get a valid test market in one neighborhood in New York City. They would be better off taking over an entire mid-sized town as a test case. That way everything in the town would accept the cards.

I've managed to open up an email conduit with a second of my three brothers. One more to go.

I've also been doing some work on the links page in keeping with my use of it as my home page. I will be changing the way it is laid out to allow for more links tonight.

I read a couple of issues of a magazine called the Silicon Alley Reporter . I really liked the magazine, kind of a right coast counterpart to The Industry Standard . The Web site sucks. No content at all. No online content, and this is supposed to be a digital culture/Web industry magazine? Very dissapointing.

Still waiting on that Fire Ant .

Apple should consider the proposal outlined by MacKiDo in this October 14th editorial piece . Put the the best GUI on top of the most powerful OS and in theory you have the best possible combination. Apple, however, is even more of an antithesis to the Open Source world than Microsoft is. At least the hardware is open in the Intel world. I think that this combination, if done well, could really be a viable alternative to Windows 2000.  12:00:00 AM  permalink  discuss []  

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