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daily link  Sunday, November 8, 1998

I've spent almost the entire weekend kicking the tires on the Gateway Fire Ant I recieved on Friday. So far, I'm impressed.

I also have spent a bunch of time this weekend contemplating the purchase of a new Beetle .

I've been experimenting with a variety of Windows software to meet my usage needs. I'm using HomeSite 4.0 to edit this site right now. It seems really good.(It's no BBEdit however)

Of the FTP programs I tried today, I've settled on AbsoluteFTP 1.5.

It's strange for me to be making this subtle transition. I've been there at work for a while now, but at home there is a big difference.

I'm addicted to SONY's MediEvil PlayStation game. Great animation, entertaining characters, and well thought out game challenges are combining to suck up my leisure time en masse.

I don't think Kate is too pleased with the amount of time I have spent working on the computers this weekend.

I ended up needing reading glasses the other day. Yesterday I went and picked them out. I'm aging.

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