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daily link  Friday, October 30, 1998

I use a Contextual menu Plug-in on my Macintosh called the Web File Types Plug-In . For people who deal with a wide variety of file formats(both HTML and Image), this plug-in is invaluable. It is a product(free) of Ranchero Software .

A great place to look for other Contextual Menu Plug-Ins is the Control-Click Web site.

MacKiDo does an interesting comparison(including pictures) of the Pentium II series of processors and the PowerPC G3/G4.

It seems that the utilities and cable company here in Georgia are a lot less reliable than any I remember while I lived in Connecticut and New York. Almost on an average of once a week we either have a Cable or Power outage.

I've been playing with some Applescript this morning to make using Anarchie Pro more automatic. Works like a charm.

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