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daily link  Thursday, October 29, 1998

Rasterboy has moved his site , and has posted this year's excellent pumpkins (including an iMac Pumpkin). Suddenly, I'm in the Halloween spirit.

Kate, my girlfriend has been home this week(she normally travels on business during the week). It's been a pleasant change to have her around.(Maybe she'll read this and I'll get brownie points)

Day four of my diet. Getting easier.

I reserved a Clio because my intense technolust got the better of me. Thing looks cool. I hear good things about the evolution of Windows CE. Course I should wait for Apple's unreleased Palm Computer(assuming such a thing exists). Another sign that I have become platform agnostic.

Mac OS Is Better Than Ever is a well written article in the New York Times about the new Mac OS 8.5 upgrade. It continues to be solid on my home machine. At work, I hope I am over the bumps(no pun) that I ran into. I didn't bother to completely isolate the issue, but it seemed to be related to the combination of the new Microsft Outlook for Exchange client and Office 98.

I continue to wait for my Gateway Notebook. Plans for this weekend include updating my aging Powerbook 1400 to Mac OS 8.5.

I diagnosed a problem I was having with Mailsmith and a server at work with Stairways Software's OTSessionWatcher . It was invaluable in figuring out the problem.  12:00:00 AM  permalink  discuss []  

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