Monday, October 26, 1998

I spent the majority of the weekend doing a vigorous fall cleaning. I'm getting rid of tons of clothes that don't fit me any longer. Very healthy and cleansing.

I am frustrated with the amount of physical possessions I have. Too many t-shirts, too many books, too many CD's. I want to strip this stuff away and get back to the basics.

I am grooving to the new Fat Boy Slim album, "You've Come a Long Way Baby" at work. It's really really solid, and I recommend it highly. Great album shots of his studio, which resembles the Bump clubhouse quite a bit.

I'm starting, in tandem with my girlfriend, on the Atkin's Diet today. She had been on it previously and had great success, and I am in terrible physical condition.

This week is starting strangely at work. I don't feel as pressured to complete any tasks right now as I normally do. We were acquired by Bill Communications two weeks ago, and it remains to be seen how this will effect me.

My trip to the Disney Institute has renewed my interest in 3D design and character animation. I am now beginning to spend a little time each day sketching and hope to develop characters to bring to life on my Mac.

More later......
12:00:00 AM