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daily link  Tuesday, November 3, 1998

Well I have reached the one week point in my dieting, and I have managed a total weight loss to date of six pounds. My body fat has also dropped by 2%.

There is a very well done review of Linux PPC, "Linux for Macintosh" posted on the About This Particular Macintosh site.

I really hope that Microsoft doesn't find some legal loophole to dodge the bullet of this antitrust suit. It's not that I hate Microsoft, far from it, but I think, based on the information that is available to me, that they are guilty of these offenses. Despite Bill's convenient memory in his testimony , it seems there is plenty of evidence provided by computers that proves the point. I just wonder what a fitting punishment would be. Fining them isn't going to solve anything, and splitting them up would be an incredibly complex and not worthwhile measure. The bottom line is that they have been rewarded financially for business practices that can only have a negative effect on the software industry in general.

The Halloween Memo only further proves the point that this behavior by Microsoft will not stop. They will continue to embrace and extend, not because they have better technology(although some of it is quite good) but because they have the arsenal to back up their combative tactics.

I paid to become a member of Salon. While I know that I could read all of the articles for free, I really enjoy them. Also they give you a cool t-shirt and a bunch of other stuff when you join.  12:00:00 AM  permalink  discuss []  

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