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daily link  Friday, November 13, 1998

Happy Friday the Thirteenth.

Top secret chip less secret now is a News.com story about the details that are emerging about Transmeta. This company got a lot of press attention six months ago because of its secrecy(no one knows what they are working on) and the fact that they employee Linux creator Linus Torvalds. Looks like they are after Intel's market, and seem to have patented an Intel killer. Exciting stuff.

I think that the News.com redesign is a little too jumbled and busy.

Intel is investing in Be. This is great news for Be afficianados(I have an original Bebox at home), and better news for Be itself. I hope they survive this jump to the next level. They have a great Operating System.

They've shipped the millionth consumer DVD video player.(Press Release) I wonder sometimes why they overlook the market penetration occurring in the computer space. I was watching Rollerball yesterday on my laptop while waiting at the doctor's office.

Lots of meetings today. I came in early to get ahead, and got nowhere.

I'm not sure that I dig the new Beck album. Very mellow. I would have to be in the right mood to get into it.

The Beastie Boys will be on Saturday Night Live 11/21/98 and The Chris Rock Show 11/24/98. Warm up the VCR.

Apple-Donuts has tons of new Sound sets for Mac OS 8.5 posted.  12:00:00 AM  permalink  discuss []  

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