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daily link  Monday, January 10, 2000

It had to happen I guess, John Rocker now works for AOL .

I don't know how many of the same readers we have, but does anyone else use a Netscape browser to access Scripting News ? I get blank pages about 90% of the time with either Communicator 4.7 for Mac or Windows. It just started happening recently. It's one of those sites that I read often enough that I find myself firing up Internet Exploder just to read it.

MacCentral has an article today on the USB Kritter Cam from iRez. I got one for Christmas to go with my iBook, and have been quite pleased with it so far. I still haven't decided if I want cam type pictures of me up on this site though.

I started down a better path today. I'm quitting smoking. It's a nasty disgusting habit, and I want to be rid of it once and for all. I'm using the NicoDerm CQ patch. A little background: in 1997 I quit smoking after almost eight years. I succeeded and remained smoke free until 1999 when I broke down slowly. I made the mistake of thinking I could have the occasional cigarette without breaking. I then slowly spiraled back into the life of a smoker. I put the patch on this morning(I started with the 21 mg version.), and the first thing that happens is a really itchey feeling where you put it on. Now I'm feeling a little spacey, probably because it's more nicotine than my body is used to. I'm not craving a butt now, but I will as the day goes on. It's a wrenching feeling as your body craves the substance it's addicted to. What the patch does is allow you to seperate the two different aspects of the addiction and break each down as a unique battle. I'll keep you informed of my progress. Feel free to encourage me.

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