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daily link  Sunday, January 23, 2000

Hell's Half Acre has a great e-card section where you can send e-postcards to people with sentiments like "i hate you", "shut up", and the ever popular "burn in hell."

There's a great assortment of things being posted to Monkey Fist .

In a brief perusal, I found Running Tally to be very very good. It led me to usr/bin/girl which I also enjoyed. Finally, I ended up at Hit or Miss , which rounded out my surfing session perfectly.

We are still without Cable, and have been since last night due to a rare ice storm here in the atl. Normally, I could care less, but I wanted and planned to watch football today while redoing my Mac from scratch with a new SCSI hard drive I picked up a couple of weeks ago and a new LCD monitor that was too good a deal to resist. Of course, with the cable out, I resorted to leaving the premises and found myself at the brand new Atlanta ESPN Zone . It was very crowded and impossible to get a seat or food. I imagine it will be like that for the next few weeks. It doesn't officially open until next weekend. I did get to see the Sportscenter anchors in person.

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