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daily link  Monday, January 24, 2000

I'm not fond of MacAddict's recent redesign . It's not very usable. Everything is all jumbled around. It also doesn't seem to render properly on the most recent version of Netscape for the Mac OS. It's especially evident how lacking it is when you compare it to the recent O'Grady Macintosh portal, Go2Mac.com . I wasn't happy about this site at first as a long time reader of The Powerpage, but I've warmed up to it as they have improved the design over the last month.

For some reason, I never noticed The Onion's archive page . It's at least an hour of laughing endlessly.

How to be Soopa famous

On the subject of ecards for unusual occasions and themes, Waferbaby, home of Pixhell has a great page of cards too.(Many of these are not appropriate for children, and if you are easily offended by sexual imagery, you might want to pass.)

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