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daily link  Tuesday, January 25, 2000

Underoos to return .(via Unobserved Utterances)

This major label(BMI) sponsored site , in its Internet awards, honored the RIAA with its "Best Organization" award. This organization has done more to set music on the Internet back than any one other group thus far, how can you give them an Internet music award? Talk about bias. Let's cowtow to the big money's thugs. Oops, the winners were chosen by members of the public. Who voted for RIAA?

MacCentral is reporting a color Palm device about to be announced which is already in CompUSA's inventory system.

Is Robot Wisdom down?

Ask Jeeves acquires Direct Hit . This is a big deal in that Direct Hit has very next generation technology that is based on user interaction.

Bump Films (not affiliated) sells movies of wakeboarding.

It looks like there is a self-titled debut CD coming from a group named Bump on January 30, 2000.

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