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daily link  Wednesday, January 26, 2000

It turns out that Jorn is having ISP problems. In the meantime, you can reach Robot Wisdom at

Something that might interest people who want to link to a particular post on this site:

There is an anchor in each day's post with the date in six digit format(so today would be http://www.bump.net/index.html#012600). I put them there for my own use, but realized that, when Jorn linked to me last week, he had no way of going right to that particular day's entry because I hadn't posted this. They don't go back all the way to November 1997 because I haven't had the time to insert them all yet.

I have an Apple eMate 300 that I have used very little. I'm interested in trading it for a Newton 2100. If you know anyone who might be interested in negotiating a deal, please contact me.

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