Thursday, October 10, 2002

Zoe produces an RSS feed of incoming emails that I am now subscribed to in Radio. This is slick because I sometimes get emails from colleagues pertaining to weblog entries. I now have an easy way to post/edit their responses directly to my weblog.

I still have not figured out an easy solution for indexing outbound email with Zoe. Some ideas I am rolling around:

  1. Use a traditional SMTP client, like Eudora
  2. Continue tracking down how Internet Email service was disabled in my copy of Outlook 2000
I have not yet tried anything for lack of time. Stay tuned...
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I am revising some of my Outlook 2000 rules to work better with Zoe. I have been using a multi-level inbox - a primary inbox with several topic or project-based subfolders into which emails are automatically routed using Outlook rules. However, Zoe only sees the email in my primary inbox and cannot see anything in the subfolders. My new strategy is to eliminate the subfolders, automatically assign incoming emails to a topic-based category, and then organize the display of my inbox by category. This seems to be working pretty well so far.
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