Friday, November 01, 2002

I updated my article on using and installing metaRenderer. I also realized something cool along the way, with metaRenderer I can nest renderers at an arbitrarily deep level. That is, while using the tableOutliner I can create another table within a cell by rendering that cell using another tableOutliner invocation. Practically speaking, that means I can achieve effects like nesting tables, or doing a twoLevelOutline within a table within a twoLevelOutline. It gets pretty twisty, but its lots of fun when you try it. See the story for a nested table example.
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Inspired by some of the cool things I've seen at Scott Andrew's site, I am spending some time today learning a few CSS tricks. I am starting with rendering unordered lists as navigation menu items. My goal is to first modify my Radio Desktop - improving the organization and load time - then to tackle my home page.
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Larry O'brien does a great job pointing out that the Pet Shop benchmark (comparing .NET and J2EE) is pretty much useless as a comparison of the two technologies. I have to agree with Larry, but not for the reasons I originally thought. My original objections were to The Middleware Company not revealing which J2EE implementations were used in the benchmark. Now I realize there are other factors that make the benchmark inconclusive for any specific business application.
Pet Shop Boys: My take on the Pet Shop brouhaha and the truth about .NET vs. J2EE performance. [Thinking In .NET]

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