Thursday, November 07, 2002

Today I was wondering if I could easily share my #navigatorLinks.xml file between my main site and a category site if their relative structures were identical. The short answer is "No". But I did learn something interesting in the search. If the pagename attribute ends with a "/", then Radio assumes the link is to an index.html page in the specified directory. If the corresponding index.txt is being rendered, then Radio does not enable a link. This works even with relative addresses. Thus the following in my category-specific #navigatorLinks.xml file:
  <item name="Home" pagename="categories/ase/"/>
  <item name=Stories pagename="categories/ase/stories/"/>
Note that the relative paths are relative to Radio's directory structure and not relative to the site itself. This is important if you are mapping categories to different servers and omitting "categories" from the upstreamed path.
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