Saturday, November 09, 2002

I rifled through Paul Scott Murphy's Java code which implements Zoe's XML-RPC behavior and found some JavaDoc that at least partially explains the nature of the specification struct required for the store.objectsWithSpecification. I created a specification story from Paul's docs (I hope he does not mind) and linked to these from yesterday's "Using Zoe's XML-RPC Interface". I have also updated the demo script.
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Interesting error in Radio's event log:
1 file: . The server reported an error: Can't save one or more files because it was not a legal type, or it's too large.
It popped up, several time, when I was trying to upstream some stories - none of which are really very large. I am well within my storage limits at Radio Userland. Not sure what gives on these.
3:23:50 PM