Tuesday, November 26, 2002

While figuring out just where Nunavet is, I found this beautiful satellite photo of the arctic circle. The shadow dividing night from day is spectacular. Look at all the twinkling lights. What a beautiful planet. What an incredible creation. What small people we are. What a wonderful God.
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I had never before heard of Nunavut. Today I find that it is Canada's third territory, added in 1999. I found this fun site about Nunavut.
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Can I mention just two other artists that had a big impact on me over the weekend. The first is CPR, an improv group out of Michigan. These guys make you laugh so hard that you think your eyes might be bleeding. Another wonderful artist is Curt Cloninger, a dramatist who gave me new insights into the sacrifice that Jesus made for each of us through his portrayal of Barabbas..
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Musical artists I heard, and liked, in Nashville:
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A second organization I visited while in Nashville was Family Affair (named after the TV show with Uncle Bill and Mister French). An article from HUD provides some background, but really tells only a fraction of the story. I could not even begin to tell you how wonderful people, like Miss Vera Davis, have loved, encouraged, exhorted, and fought for woman whom never had a father tell them they were special. Women whom never had a man stick around long enough to raise the children they left her with. Women whom were raised thinking that a rotating door of men in and out of their lives is just the norm. Women whom have given up on themselves and see themselves only as victims (to which Miss Vera replies "each is a queen, a unique creation of God"), content to work the system.

A run-down, violent, gang-infested, drug-riddled community has been transformed - not by pouring money into it, but by promoting its inhabitants and loving them. Vera Davis, Glenda Sutton, and many others have responded to God's call in this community and something wonderful has happened as a result. An amazing work that I cannot even begin to find adequate words to describe. I encourage you to find out more about Family Affair Ministries and the Family Center at Berkshire Place (Ms. Vera Davis; 1500 Porter Road, Building A; Nashville, TN 37206; Phone: (615) 228-0125, ext. 12; Famministries@aol.com). If you have a week available, hook up with CSM Nashville for a week of mission work helping out at the Family Center.
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While in Nashville I had an opportunity, through the Center for Student Missions, to visit two organizations that are making a difference in Nashville. The first was Matthew 25, an organization providing housing and support for homeless, but employed, men recovering from drug and alcohol addictions. I believe their recidivism rate is around 52%, but that still means one in two men are picking themselves up and making it on their own. Great work Matthew 25. I don't have a link, but here is some contact info if you want to find out more: (Matthew 25, Inc.; Vine Hill Tower; 625 Benton Avenue, Box 120; Nashville, TN 37204; (615) 383-9577)
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Nashville was great. What a wonderful city. I didn't do a lot of dining while I was there, but I did have a chance to eat at two places I think worthy of mention. The first was Swett's. This place has great down-home cookin'. Soul food, as my host calls it. The meatloaf was good and the sweet potato pie was excellent. Another favorite of mine was Jack's Barbecue. Very good smoked chicken and beef brisket with a nice array of sauces (Kansas City, Tennessee, and Texas styles).
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