Friday, November 15, 2002

It sure seemed like my pages were appearing differently depending on whether they were served by IIS or Cassini. Every time I tested my Web Matrix project it seemed like some elements were formatted correctly and others were not. Since I launch a new browser window with every test, I figured the problem must be in Cassini. However, I just tried doing a refresh in the browser and all of the elements reformatted correctly according to my stylesheet. Go figure. An old copy of the stylesheet must have been getting cached somewhere. I don't know if I can blame that on Cassini or not.
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I was doing some work in ASP.Net Web Matrix which includes a Cassini-based web server for testing. However, my stylesheets were processed incorrectly on Cassini-served pages. I decided to try serving the same page from IIS (by web sharing the folder) when I encountered the dreaded "Access Denied" error. I had seen this before, but never solved the problem. Today I found some help. ASP.NET runs under a local machine account named ASPNET. The account is granted access to folders under /inetpub when you install .NET, but that doesn't help any folders for which a web share is set up. You need to alter the security settings for the shared folder AND for every parent of it, allowing the local machine ASPNET account to have access. Problem solved (finally)!
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