Thursday, October 31, 2002

Top Five ASP.NET Web Services Tips. Alex Ferrara, coauthor of Programming .NET Web Services, offers a brief comparison between ASP.NET Web services and .NET remoting, and then delves into five useful tips for developing ASP.NET Web services. [Meerkat: An Open Wire Service:]

There are some very good tips in this article. Personally, I like being able to test web services using an HTTP Get. It means I can perform a simple test from the browser or any HTTP-capable client. OTOH, I can see the desirability of disabling these two bindings, as recommended in tip #1, in a Production release. I second the recommendation to use Simon Fell's tcpTrace utility. This is a great tool for capturing and viewing SOAP messages (or any tcp traffic)
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Little kittycats wearing viking outfits sing Zeppelin. Not that I'm avoiding work today or anything. [Thinking In .NET]
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